Marketing Project Request FAQ

for internal use only
What can I request with this form?

Business Cards – Order business cards (for up to 3 people).
E-Mail – Request a marketing or sales e-mail send.
Operational Requests – Submit a form change or request customer notifications for OnQ portal changes or outages, board roster changes, board meeting cancellations.
Whitepaper / One Sheet – Request a new or updated one sheet or whitepaper
PowerPoint – Request PowerPoint formatting.
Website Update / Fix – Report problems or suggest updates to our public websites.
Graphic Design / Layout / Branding – Request document branding reviews & updates, updated layout (handouts, collateral, newsletters), or custom designed graphics or images.
Other – If in doubt, choose other and we’ll follow up with you for more information.

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Why am I using this form?

With one way to track incoming projects your request will be evaluated, assigned and handled efficiently. This form gives us a base line for discussion when starting larger projects and the ability to streamline more routine projects/tasks.


What happens after I submit my request?

After you submit your request our Marketing Traffic Coordinator will evaluate the submission. Once evaluated they will then assign your request to one of our team members who will follow up with you.

What are standard turnaround times?

Turnaround for projects vary based on a variety of factors including department workload and the project itself. Once your project request is submitted we can provide you with a timeline.

We suggest you put in a request sooner rather than later to ensure our department has enough time to work on you project. Please take into account any shipping, travel or other department timeliness when choosing your project due date.

Who do I contact for a status update regarding my project request?

Please contact our traffic coordinator at

What's a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is generally a large project (like launching a new product/service or a multi-layer effort to build brand awareness or enhance customer relationships). These larger scale projects generally have multiple components and will require a launch meeting.

What if I have a Rush Project?

Rush projects may* be possible but we prefer more time to ensure quality, so contact us early in your process. If you have a rush project submit the form but, make sure to denote that this is a rush project and your reasoning in the “Additional Comments” section.

*Rush projects are subject to approval by Marketing Management.